The Resurrection

It is believed that the early Christians had a greeting between each other. The first person to greet another would say, “He is risen.” The response by the other person would be, “He is risen indeed.”

This greeting reflected a new beginning for those early believers. The 400 years of God’s silence was now broken, He has spoken to His people once again. God provided a miraculous solution to a powerless, dead ritualistic religion, ran by controlling, manipulating religious leaders. It has been replaced by a living, risen Savior who conquered death, hell and the grave. They had seen him heal the sick, raise the dead, and reveal and expose the wickedness of the religious leaders. Everything they thought and believed about Jesus was validated by the resurrection.

The same is true today. The resurrection is God’s gift to mankind. He proves His ability to rule and conquer all the forces of evil and nature, especially, death, hell and Satan. If the resurrection did not occur, then the Scriptures have no redeeming value for us.

But the resurrection did occur and it has impacted history like no other event. No event in history has impacted both the past and the present like the resurrection. To illustrate what I mean I have included a link to a life size painting of the resurrection recently completed by a famous painter. He explains the painting and why he placed certain people outside the tomb. I hope the painter will release copies of the drawing for the public to purchase. I would be first in line to hang a copy in my house. Thanks to my friend Pastor Bob Self for sending this link. Let me know what you think.

He is risen…He is risen indeed.

The link to the painting – click here.

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